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I trained in Psychotherapy Studies with the University of Kent in 2003. This started out as an MSc but I fell pregnant not once, but twice during the course, and so managed to complete the two years to receive a Post Graduate Diploma at Masters level – also leaving with a one year old and a baby bump! I then took some lovely time out to raise my children and returned to my studies when they started school. This time I had more of an idea what area I wanted to work in and found the perfect course for me, which specialised in the fascinating and creative school of Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung. I studied for an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing through SOPH, the Society of Psychotherapy & Healing in London, a course affiliated with the University of Middlesex. This qualified me as an Integrative Psychotherapist.


I am fully accredited and registered with the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and follow their codes of ethics and good practice. I continue to carry out regular CPD training to keep my therapeutic learning fresh. I am also trained in mindfulness and Theraplay along with a number of trauma techniques.



"Daniela is one of the kindest and most understanding people you can meet. When I first came to appointments I was not in the best of places and was very skeptical of attending. However our sessions have changed my views completely and I feel so much more positive in general. Daniela has a very good understanding of people and what works best for them. She has helped me find useful coping strategies that are effective in the long-term; so even though I no longer require the same level of help, should I find myself facing the same problems as previously I now understand how to handle them and I'm not afraid of asking for support should I need it."

RS - A teenager’s testimonial

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative Psychotherapy means different things to different practitioners. To Jungian therapists it means that the therapy supports you to work towards integrating all parts of your character into one True Self – bringing light to some of the more uncomfortable shadow aspects, Together, in a safe, non-judgemental space, whilst also noticing the positive parts of what makes you who you areIn therapy, you are supported towards the unveiling of who you were born to be, in all your magnificence.  


This type of therapy is particularly supportive for both adults and teenagers who are feeling lost, stuck in some way, apathetic, depressed, overly stressed or anxious, have low energy levels, or for those who feel they are in the wrong job, wrong relationship or wrong path and want support to find your intuitive path again.

Working with children

Working with children, this method is adapted using play therapeutic techniques, drawing, sand tray, story-telling using figures, to help a child make better sense of who they are and what they are feeling. In sessions, they have the opportunity to play out any uncomfortable life events they may be going through (bullying, parents separating, anxieties around school, difficulties with sleep or nightmares etc) to make better sense of it and to allow the feelings to surface in a safe, non-judgemental space, together, with the therapist being fully present with how they feel and what they have experienced.


With both adults and children, the healing takes place in the relationship between therapist and client, walking your path together, witnessing whatever feelings come up for you in a safe space.

Evolution of Rainbow Bridge Therapy Rooms

I run my own private practice from Olney, with easy access from Bucks, Bedfordshire, Northants and Milton Keynes. After some years running a practice with just me, in 2018 I embarked on a new project, developing Rainbow Bridge Holistic Therapy Rooms. I had long noticed that many of my clients would benefit from a range of complimentary services to support them as a whole – with their diet, with their fluctuating energy levels and varying emotional needs, with physical blockages manifesting in ailments, and some needed further support with deep trauma. The idea of the therapy rooms is that it has a broad range of holistic therapies under one roof. All practitioners work from a holistic perspective, taking in the person as a whole, body, mind, spirit and soul, fully aware that each aspect affects the other.

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